Secret Gallery Art Room (Sala de Arte Secret Gallery)

CV Gallery is a space with great spirit.

Art is in its DNA, in a perpetual search to express ideals and values, leaving a trace of the past while evolving towards the future.

Artists from all fields are invited to CVG to express their particular sense of reality as well as of our existence. With their works, we want to stir your inner self and invite you to reflect, using your emotions as an outlet.

The close link between an artistic creation and its historical context forms an indelible record of the culture from which we originate, daring us to get involved in the creativity that surrounds us.

Art as a residence of the imaginary connects you with wisdom. It is a motor for clarity that leads you to understand thought. This atemporal tool has been present since the beginning of time, converging time, space and appreciation.

Welcome to CVG, a place to inspire and feed your interest in art.

Lunes a Sábado
11:00 a 23:00 hrs.
11:00 a 17:00 hrs